“ Filled with mystery, conflict, and suspense, fans of the genre will definitely love the concept and the story premise that are brilliantly developed into a fast-paced plot. The rustic Sierra Nevada foothills make the perfect background that exudes calm but eerie seclusion ... With its clear narrative, Blaine C. Readler's sci-fi horror Plucked is an engaging and inventive contemporary tale about human survival and ingenuity when facing an otherworldly threat. ”
                                        -Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite      => the full review <=

“ Readler's novel does a good job in worldbuilding an earth that has been recently invaded. The need for information and the slow realization of what is happening is skillfully unraveled. As the characters deal with meeting their basic necessities and exploring the world around them, the tension grows correspondingly ... The story is reminiscent of The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Science fiction readers, especially those who like their stories a little more grounded without interstellar dogfights and lots of advanced technology, will find this book to be an enjoyable read.”
                           -Mark Heisey for US Review      => the full review <=



“ ... an atypical and highly original version of the science fiction staple of interstellar travel and alien threat, sure to refresh the palates of seasoned sci-fi readers looking for something new. The development around Rook makes him a blank slate hero at first, allowing his experiences to shape him and for us, the audience, to grow with him on his journey of observation. What begins as a slow-burning and conceptual plot has a nice twist in the tale later on, developing the action well for a sudden and highly entertaining conclusion . I'd definitely recommend Rook for science fiction fans everywhere. ”
                                        -K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite      => the full review <=

RECOMMENDED by the US Review
“ ... captures a hero's innocence and undaunting courage by placing its main character in and with some of the foremost events and characters of history ... readers of all genres will appreciate the main character's humor and philosophical insights about existence, survival, and friendships. This is a book for sci-fi lovers of all ages and a must-read for those who enjoy both terrestrial and extraterrestrial adventures. ”
                           -Nicole Yurcaba for US Review      => the full review <=

“ ... a fascinating journey, going from the formation of Roman empires to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Rook is an unpredictable, tongue-in-cheek ride through human history, with plenty of meaningful lessons scattered along the way. ”
                                        -SPR      => the full review <=
Cover design by James Ward Illustrations



“ ... engrossing, the tone utterly irresistible, and the humor biting. This is a gorgeous narrative that explores the themes of freedom and humanity, filled with humor and pathos; a story with deep underlying currents and meanings. Blaine C. Readler is a great storyteller and the realism that flows through the work sets it apart. ”
                                        -Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite      => the full review <=

“ ... hooks readers within a page and leaves them guessing and re-guessing for the entire length of the story.   ... each chapter serves as its own satisfying, self-contained adventure with drama and action. Every detail and choice of the author is deliberate in creating a story with true character and humanity (or whatever the ferret version of that is) that rings true and resonates with honesty and intent. Pick it up for the unique premise and stay for the surprise ending, but also be aware that this book offers so much more to enjoy than a simple payoff of its core mysteries.”
                                        -Michael Radon for US Review of Books      => the full review <=

“ ... this odd book of self-discovery is both whimsical and thought-provoking. Seeing the world through the eyes of an intelligent ferret may seem like a premise that would soon grow tired, but the uniqueness of the book lies in the subjects discussed through this contextual lens, including relationships, friendship, violence, crime, freedom, work and survival, as in the vein of great works of literature with animal protagonists. Ending with an action-packed crescendo, Earth Log is an amusing and well-penned work of fantasy. Swinging between philosophy and tongue-in-cheek criticism of human behavior, the story turns perspective on its head for a strangely gripping and page-turning novel. ”
                                        -SPR      => the full review <=

“Wow. What a great read. From the first sentence to the last, I was firmly entrenched in Rascal's world and willing him to get home safely. The intelligent dialogue and genuinely believable characters make this a book for everyone. Rascal will have you Googling "ferrets as pets" before you know it and dreaming of your very own Rascal. The book does mention the connection to Lassie-type scenarios, but I would go one better. This is Lassie for grown-ups; cuter, sassier and just an all-round great pet. Rascal will steal your heart, guaranteed! ”
                                        -Tracy Young for Readers' Favorite      => the full review <=

Cover design by James Ward Illustrations



“There is an abundance of science fiction novels about aliens out there, but I don't think any of them are anything like Readler's Eaters and Overlords. He gives depth to his characters and humanity to otherwise non-human characters; the science he provides is written with an extremely thorough and careful hand so that it translates with utter subtlety and makes it easy to comprehend without sounding overly simplified or complicated. . . . the story is superb--Readler's take on this subject is a breath of fresh air. Science fiction fans will be delighted by Eaters and Overlords.”
                                        -Justine Reyes for Readers' Favorite      => the full review <=

“Using the familiar scenario of first contact and tweaking it with imaginative alien races and an integration with indigenous culture, this story strikes out into the unknown almost immediately and pulls the reader along for chapter after chapter of nonstop intensity. ”
                                        -Michael Radon for US Review of Books      => the full review <=

“. . . a contemporary science-based novel that will keep the reader guessing from the first word to the last. An interesting take on human and alien interaction, the novel makes the reader reconsider some previous notions about alien life that are so common to other books in the genre.
      A novel that offers far more than standard sci-fi genre elements, Eaters and Overlords is an intriguing and well-written read. It's full of plot twists, unassuming heroes, and unexpected friendships; the reader can't help but fall in love with the characters and root for the good guys during the culminating battle scenes. With this title, Readler is solidifying himself as one of the more unique and entertaining independent authors of science fiction. ”
                                        -SPR      => the full review <=

“Written with a tight and witty narrative that is instantly entertaining, the pacing is perfect and, as the plot thickens, Readler proves that his hand at creative dialogue is equally skilled when it comes to description. I would absolutely recommend this book to readers who enjoy classic science fiction with a decent helping of humor. ”
                                        -Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite      => the full review <=

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      “ A seamless continuation of its predecessor's narrative and expansion on many of its core themes, the sequel retains the original's nimble and fast-paced depiction of teenage life, love, angst, and adventure while providing a fresh new set of challenges for the nextgens to overcome. A timely and intriguing layer of additional geopolitical intrigue deepens the novel's connection to our own world, suggesting that mankind's fundamental motivations remain unchanged once unmoored from the Earth's soil.
      The author's natural ability to create authentic characters and believable dramatic tension makes it a compelling and relatable read sure to connect with its intended audience. Also, those new to the novel's universe will find it easy to dive in without playing catch-up. The author happily steers clear of the lingo and arcana which too-often plague modern episodic fantasy and sci-fi franchises. An ambitious and entertaining page-turner, Readler's book journeys into the vastness beyond our atmosphere but remains steadfastly down-to-Earth in its pointed depiction of universal human emotions. ”
                                        -Lee Ware for US Review      => the full review <=

“ There aren't many sequels you can pick up and thoroughly enjoy without reading the first in the series, but this is one of the few. The book integrates backstory seamlessly into a roller coaster of a novel, as the narrative moves from one disaster to another. Moonstroke II is clever, fast, and a fantastic example of quality YA action/adventure. ”
                                                -SPR      => the full review <=

“ Blaine C Readler is a master storyteller who leaves a clear trail of backstory that evolves naturally into the current tale. Moonstroke II is a solid science fiction story with enough hard science to attract the hardcore sci-fi fan but, unlike some sci-fi, Readler has created an engaging cast of characters who are interesting and real. The back and forth among the nexgen teenagers is amusing and has the spot-on snark factor that makes for a good read. ”
                                        -Francine Zane for Readers Favorite      => the full review <=



A Select Group

“Enormously clever and very fun to read. Unique and inventive, the ensemble of characters and their transgressions are both riveting and amusing. The book is well-crafted and tonally consistent, with Readler effectively adding some apt, but unobtrusive, social notes. A Select Group is a solidly entertaining read from start to finish, with well-drawn characters, a quick-moving plot, and a number of surprises, which characterize Readler's fiction.”
                                                 -SPR              => the full review <=

“Entertaining and inspiring, A Select Group by Blaine C. Readler explores what is intrinsically embedded in human nature, the sentiment most of us wish we never had, but which we must live with and learn to face every day. . . A Select Group took me by surprise, plunging me headlong into an adventure that I never expected, a story that explores human nature and what it takes to transcend it.”
                                       -Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite          => the full review <=

“a Divergent meets The Hunger Games story of survival by not just the fittest but the smartest. . . The struggles and outcomes of the characters (and their dynamics together) are a mystery throughout the novel, leading up to an unexpected ending that will leave the reader shocked and cheering all at the same time.”
                                        -Jennifer Hartman, RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books
                                             => the full review <=

“ . . . a story that reaches into the heart of everyone who has always harboured a longing to try something different, perhaps a new, simpler lifestyle. This story puts everything into perspective as man's overwhelming desire to survive crushes the values of relationships, friendship, teamwork and consideration for others. A visual story ideal for further discussion and with the potential for becoming a memorable classic.”
                                       -Jane Finch for Readers' Favorite          => the full review <=




“At times whimsical, alarming, and uncomfortable, Crusher is a quick and entertaining read. There are a lot of original, and memorable, elements in this novel, the characters are well-drawn and relatable, and the story moves at a fast clip, never losing momentum. Crusher is a fantastic read that will surely please fans of alien-based science fiction.”
                                                 -SPR              => the full review <=

“The theme is one of the invasion of earth, of course, but there are sub-themes of little people against big government, trust, deception, and courage. The suspense keeps the action moving enough for a good, fun read.”
                                        -Peter M. Fitzpatrick, RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books
                                             => the full review <=

“Crusher is a unique take on an alien invasion action packed, funny flirtation that reads more comedic than romantic, and snarky. The alien that becomes Crusher is weirdly endearing, intelligent yet somehow very innocent-seeming, with a big personality, and its scenes with Darren are charming. Blaine C. Readler has fun with the science fiction genre, twisting these usually perceived as horrific events in a humorous, satirical way, with deeply flawed characters that aren't always likable but they do have a certain charm about them that is mostly found through humor.”
                                                    -Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite          => the full review <=




“. . . MOONSTROKE is a stellar account of human resilience, ingenuity, and courage. With incredible vision and sharp technical detail, Readler has engineered a high-octane adventure about a distant world not altogether different from our own.”
              -Heather McAdams for IndieReader      => the link <=

“. . . an entirely believable reality . . . Readler's novel is one that will appeal to readers of all ages. It is science fiction but deals more with social issues and relationships between generations and classes. This will be one book that I will happily recommend and share with my friends and students!”
              -Tamara Benson for San Francisco Book Review      => the full review <=

“. . . Moonstroke shines with adolescent fortitude, adventure, and determination. Readler's new novel captures the essence of our primal infatuation with space as well as our inevitable greed for wealth and position . . . Readler creates a rich dramatic world inhabited by familiar, but original archetypes. A keen ear for dialogue, strong connection to popular culture, and a finely-honed sense of interpersonal dynamics in tense situations ensure that the book will land well . . .”
            - Lee Ware for The US Review of Books      => the full review <=

“. . . a one of a kind sci-fi read that combines a memorable setting and a plot that rivals some of the best stories in the genre. . . . Blaine Readler flawlessly crafted a story that portrays amazing sci-fi while at the same time capturing the humanity at the heart of it all, making it more relatable and an even more compelling read. If you love stories that capture both sci-fi and humanity in equal measures, you will definitely enjoy Moonstroke.”
              -Faridah Nassozi for Readers Favorite      => the full review <=

“Blaine C. Readler's story of an abandoned mining colony is great--full of suspense, drama, and intrigue . . . a great story of survival when the odds of that are minuscule, and well worth a read.”
              -Thomas Rojek for Manhattan Book Review      => the full review <=

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“. . . a relaxed yet highly informative book explaining how electricity functions in our homes and lives. Reading Readler is like sitting on a porch swing and listening to your grandfather gently explain all the mysteries of life with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. He has taken a subject that is often seen as too difficult to understand and made it comprehensible.”
             RECOMMENDED by US Review
              -John E. Roper for US Review      => the full review <=

“[Readler] demystifies the common watt. . . .The tone is light, but the information is accurate and useful. You won't be an electrical engineer after reading it, but you will understand a lot more about electricity. I recommend it for those who want to understand what we take so much for granted.”
            - Ralph Peterson for Manhattan Book Review      => the full review <=

“... a charming ,accessible work that not only explains primary concepts of electricity, but also gives readers knowledge of how electricity touches our everyday lives, from refrigerators to smart-phones. Along the way, his writing style is entertaining, and readers who have at least a base understanding of high school math and science need not fear that they will be lost in the narrative.”
              -Blue Ink Review      => the full review <=

“This skinny little book attempts what is, if not impossible, then highly improbable-explaining the how, what, and why of basically everything to do with electricity to the general public, with a few whos and whens tossed in for good measure. It accomplishes that goal with an astonishing amount of success...”
              -Randy-Lynne Wach for San Francisco Book Review      => the full review <=




“Following Bruce's journey is fun, thanks to lively character, quick back-and-forth dialogue, and suspenseful action as it quickly shifts gears into an adventure mystery complete with government agents, multiple deaths, and a secret horror hiding near the waterfalls. . . . Readler crafts a fun page-turner that's got a few twists and turns lurking beyond the next page.”
              -John Murray for for Manhattan Book Review      => the full review <=

“From killer bees to deadly guns, the citizens of Powderhole are accidentally under attack from the programming skills of a laboratory experiment gone awry . . . Mystery intensifies drama. Characters are developed expertly or removed quickly by deadly means. Dialog flows effortlessly alongside of action and analytical reasoning. Powderhole is an easily-read fiction work . . .”
             RECOMMENDED by US Review
            - Donna Ford for US Review      => the full review <=

“. . . the author leans towards the side of not trusting the government, or maybe he's just that good of a writer. Either way, it's a fun read that is reminiscent of Michael Crichton but a lot shorter and more humorous. I thought his idea for the government's secret weapon was clever, playing off of something a lot of us already naturally have a fear of. . . . A funny, thrilling, and engaging story. I think you'll enjoy this one.”
            - Christina Boswell for San Francisco Book Review      => the full review <=     




“Blaine C. Readler's novel is a surprise winner! . . . The crablets were both fascinating and extremely creepy; the mental imagery of the shapes they formed could potentially be the stuff of nightmares. Overall, The Colony is a great page-turner and definitely worth picking up.”
              -San Francisco Book Review      => the full review <=

“The premise -- that tiny bits of metal can evolve into monsters -- feels at the same time perfectly plausible and utterly preposterous, a hallmark of great science fiction. . . This is a story of bloody suspense, and Readler keeps that focus tight. Once the action hits full throttle, it never looks back. . . Intense and chilling, a first-rate page-turner.”
             - Karyn Saemann for The US Review of Books      => the full review <=





“. . . pure adventure [that is] a light-hearted romp through the big questions of existence (and what comes after) that is funny, outrageous, and inventive.”
             RECOMMENDED by the USR
            -Peter M. Fitzpatrick for the US Review of Books      => the full review <=

“The action never stops . . . there's a good dose of metaphysical pondering and ethics thrown into the mix as well—and the beauty of it all is that it works—and brilliantly. Highly entertaining, endlessly inventive and definitely recommended.”
            -Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite      => the full review <=





Jared knew it was wrong when he stole the fantastic little drone robot from his father’s lab.  But the price to be paid could be his life as his theft triggers desperate clashes between a rogue terrorist and a government agent, both of whom will crush anybody who gets in their way.  Unfortunately, Jared is that anybody!






Abe is content running his pet sitting business and heading up his jump-blues band on the weekends.  Tremors shake his cozy life one day in the form of an old flame who shows up to try out for the band, and his world splits wide open when Abe realizes that an unusual raccoon who appeared at the same time is evidence of an alien invasion.  The problem is, Abe’s the only one who knows.






“While many short story collections inevitably have their clunkers, there's not a one in The Shoes of Moses that I'd cut . . . several of the stories are flat-out terrific.  With interesting hooks, solid execution, and terrific energy behind each tale, The Shoes of Moses is a good time.”
           - San Francisco Book Review