Blaine C. Readler is the author of fifteen novels and a collection of short stories.  His tales straddle the intersection between thriller and science fiction in the mode of the late Michael Crichton (but with more humor).  He has a degree in engineering, and applies his knowledge of science and mathematics to lend a credible foundation to his stories of ordinary people struggling with extraordinary adventures.


Blaine’s books have won numerous awards, including San Diego Book Awards three years, Best Science Fiction from both the Beverly Hills Book Awards and the USA Best Book Awards, and an IPPY Bronze medal. 

“Blaine C. Readler's adventures are endlessly inventive, and the action never stops.  Highly entertaining, and definitely recommended.”
          --Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

“Blaine C. Readler blows the reader’s socks off with witty and inventive science-fiction stories that make you laugh and think about humans’ role in the universe.”
          -- Karolina Blaha-Black for The US Review of Books

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania where the summers are green, and the winters fun only for kids.  My uncles were farmers, but my dad was a carpenter, so my brothers and I had the best of both worlds, forest and stream to explore, without the dawn-to-dark chores of farm life.  My parents let us goof off more than they’d probably admit, but I think that this was a blessing, since it allowed us time to develop our imaginations as we explored ways to entertain ourselves.  Thank God there was no internet back then.  Novel writing now is merely picking up where I left off long ago when I got all serious about life.