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Me accompanying my bluesy self on guitar and bass (no drums).
Stormy Blaine
I dug up a recording that I made with one of my bands back in Northern Virginia.
Well, not one of *my* bands -- rather a band that let me play with them.
My friend Ken Weidele (vocals & guitar) and I (guitar & bass) created a few somewhat rough demos. Ken handles all the vocal duties and some guitar, and I play guitar and bass. Again, no drums.
In The Midnight Hour

Wild Night

Doctor My Eyes

Pride and Joy

Feelin' Alright


I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Stormy Monday

In 1970 Carlos Santana molded Peter Green's blues song into a rock classic. Fifty years later, Blaine shamelessly comandeered it as a guitar masturbation.
Black Magic Woman, mashed
Here's my contribution to the Covid Era Cave Drawings (metaphirically speaking). The dangers of inexpensive four-track recorders and time on your hands.
Covid Blues (in A)